So many to choose from COCKRINGS, PUSSYS, MASTRABUTORS, EXTENSIONS, PUMPS and a whole lot more

But i can promise you that at ANGELSXXX we have something for every-one with COCKRINGS to suit everyone basic and Vibrating  see the COCK-RING guide for more on those

What about extending the penis  there are three ways of doing this  the first option An operation ( Not for me too expensive and painful )

let's look at the other two  

The male Pump , A large cylinder flask like tube with a pump attached designed to insert the penis using a quality WATER BASED LUBRICANT  for ease of insertion into the flask pushing the flacid penis right into the tube and holding it firmly against your skin at the base of the penis starting the pumping motion sucking the air out from the flask therefore sucking and stretching the penis into the flask ,

you will notice it will look so much longer and yes thicker so nothing to worry about it's all part of the stretching of the ligaments process you have now created a massive erection in just a very few minutes  by releasing the air from the vacumn flask and pumping again your exercising the penis muscle repeat this process a few times much like weight lifting really and yes over a few day you may feel a bit of soreness , then that's good your building the muscle this exercising should not go over five minutes each day  so as not to do any damage to the ligaments basically what we want to do is stretch the ligaments gradually  there are some very good ones out there cheap and cheerful but one of the best is from the BATHMATE HYDROMAX RANGE of MALE PUMPS

And the more advanced but most expensive and yes i believe the best brand of PUMPS on Today's market and don't forget it can also be used for masturbation relief and it's definately the best out there for that too as the saying goes "You Get What You Pay For" see below the HYDROMAX X40

The other option is the use of  PENIS SLIDER ENLARGER designed by medical surgeons for permanent forced extending of the penis again by stretching the ligaments this is a gradual process of the stretching it mm by mm over a period but means wearing the device all the time or as much time as possible as in when home from work putting it on and leaving it on all night and wearing as much as possible in order for it to work but yes it does really work but as stated means wearing most of the time and stretching it very gradual up to three inches can be gained by both methods but takes time be patient  but it will be worth it 

why not try a male  sex toy kit always great value some come with pumps cock rings anal plugs and more so check those out whilst surfing our male mastrabation section