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Posted By: mike Published: 01/11/2018


it can't be put inside you can it ?   No you can't ! 

But believe me that won't matter i believe once you try out one of the many on our web site at ANGELSXXX you will be hooked on it and i promise it will become one of your favourite and most treasured toys in your new collection , first off the wand was the first sex toy ever build but was'nt intended for sex that's correct it was intended to relieve muscle pains such as the back, neck, knee pains and for an amazing all over body massage until we realised that when it was added to those not talked about areas back then IE PUSSY AND PENIS  mind blowing orgasms were achieved to the point of shock making one scream out as the vibrations and the orgasms were so powerful and so intense , today you can still find similar size and looks with the ever so popular DOXY WAND as seen here   

The DOXY WAND At ANGELSXXX is One of the leading brands when it comes to WANDS due to its amazing power and different settings and yes just like in the old days it's still a plug-in so believe me that's a lot of power so powerful in fact i doubth you would be able to the vibrations from the top end of the settings at least near the pussy anyway but i promise you you never had an orgasm or multiples you will with this wand and its sure to make even the toughest of people cry out to the point of squirting , LOOK MA NO HANDS 

Today they are so many different types and styles in all sizes and colours be it plug in or rechargeable all the leading manafacture's have now started to make them as sales sky-rocket with the old to new technoligy 

They can range from two to eighteen different vibration settings even the small one's have amazing power such as the i wand seen below with its eighteen different vibrations  and its fully rechargeable 

 Don't be left in the dark order your's today by calling into Ireland's Leading And Largest Adult Boutique based right in the heart of Limerick City or order it on-line At ANGELSXXX Ireland's only importer of ADULT SEX TOYS And  LINGERIE