Metallic Anal Plug Medium

Do it in style with this fine steel with gem stone butt plug, experience the exciting smooth steel , class and enjoyment at its best Butt plug pleasure ideal fo..


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M-1003 Metal Male Chastity Kit

For the hot wife that wishes to control / cuckold her husband into accepting her lovers or just to deny husbands sex , see him gruel and plead. This chastity ki..

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Small Metallic Anal Plug

Do it in style with this fine steel with gem stone butt plug, experience the exciting smooth steel , class and enjoyment at its best Butt plug pleasure ideal fo..


Steel Vaginal Speculum

This surgical quality vaginal speculum opens by squeezing the handles together, then allows you to lock it in place with two separate thumbscrews. Experience gr..


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Bondage Collar With Screw Nipple Clamps

Fell the power of being controlled with these collar and nipple clamps. These are one of the most bought bondage item on our site to date. The chain is made of ..

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High Quality Metal Handcuffs

High Quality Metal Handcuffs. Made of steel. The handcuffs are close binding and come complete with a lock. There will be no getting out of these. These are sma..

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Red Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps

If you want to quite your slave and hurt them at the same time you are really going to enjoy this but remember to have a safe word so that nobody gets hurt. Thi..

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Extreme Steel Spider Gag

When wide open isn't wide enough, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag will get the job done! This extreme gag consists of a steel ring with four curved metal ..


Small Metallic Anal Plug with Tail

This metal plug comes with a fake fur tail, watch that bum wiggle. The plug comes in the color silver.It has a length of 30 CM (12")and a diameter of 2.5 CM. Th..


Butterfly Nipple Clips And Chain

For the expert in bondage, see your slave bow down and fully submit to their new Master/ Mistress. This chain is made of a good quality metal which is skin safe..


Metal Collar for Men item#: SM419

Description: Metal Collar for Men, high quality Fetish product. Material: Metal Diameter:  6'' Packaging: Velvet Bag   ..


Bendy Love Machine

Erotically, stimulating thrusting sex machine.360 Degree rotation Powerful strokes can vary from very slow to very fast or rapid penetrating strokes. A large ro..


Medium Metallic Anal Plug with Tail

Add a new and exciting deminsion to anal plugging watch the bum wiggle .Made from metal and artificial fur but looks and feels as good as the real fur. It has a..


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Metal Locking Chastity Cage with Anal Hook

Put your lover on lockdown with the Titus Stainless Steel Ass Lock. Designed to prevent erections and anal sex, this chastity cage-anal probe combo can be worn ..

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Pro-Extender Penis Enlarger item#: PE0001

The Pro-Extender was designed and developed in Denmark by the medical specialist J rn Ege siana. The purpose of the Pro-Extender is to enlarge the penis means o..


Purple Large Metallic Anal Plug

This is a large anal plug which is designed for the experienced out there. It is made from medical grade metal and comes in the colour purple.The plug has a len..