Toko Silicone Lubricant

Toko Silicone LubricantThis is the next generation premium grade of personal lubricant.Exclusively formulated to emulate an endless natural lubrication and faci..


Silicone Glide 250ml Perfect Glide Lubricant

Silicone Glide 250ml Perfect Glide LubricantSilicone lubricant for ultra-long moisture ideal for anal sex but be careful not to be used with many sex toys desig..


Pheromen Eau De Toilette 15 ml

Pheromen Eau De Toilette 15 mlSend out the signals the scent to attract with this seductive eau de toilette for men with pheromones to attract  ..


Cobeco Lubricating Cream Fists 500ml

Cobeco Lubricating Cream Fists 500mlCBL Lubricating Cream Fists is a silicone based cream which moisturizes and smoothes the skin to enhance his sensual experie..


Alpha Delay Gel Transparent 50ml

Alpha Delay Gel Transparent 50mlAlpha Delay Gel allows him to play for longer, delaying ejaculation and inviting him to extend his partner play time for a more ..


Pink Roller Ball Massager

Everyone love a real decent massage well now anyone cn be as good as the professionals with this magic roller glove  a very simple easy way for amazing res..


Minx Embrace Tightening Gel White 50ml

Embrace vaginal tightening gel increases sexual pleasure and confidence by tightening the vaginal wall and maximising stimulation and excitement. This gel works..


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Waterglide Massage Lubricant Aloe Vera

Waterglide Massage Lubricant Aloe VeraVery good skin compatibility. Matches the vaginal PH-level...

11.99€ 9.99€

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Waterglide 300ml Tingling

Waterglide 300ml TinglingLubricant and sensation gel for magical moments together. causes a tingling sensation  ..

11.99€ 9.99€

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Waterglide 300 Ml Orgasm Gel

Waterglide 300 Ml Orgasm Gel achieve amazing orgasms with this teasing gel  heightens sensation..

11.99€ 9.99€

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WATERGLIDE 300 ML ANALLubricant and sensation gel made for anal sex a relaxing lube with relaxing ingrediants thanks to its thick and unique gliding textur..

11.99€ 9.99€

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Waterglide 300ml Cooling

Waterglide 300ml CoolingLubricant and sensation gel for a more intensive feel and sensuality...

11.99€ 9.99€

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Waterglide 300ml Natural Feeling

Waterglide 300ml Natural Feeling A very natural feel soft silky feel lubricant to moisten the vagina for ease of entryLubricant and sensation gel for a sil..

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Bathmate Trim Shaver White

The Bathmate Trim shaver makes grooming easy and allows you to create the perfect pubic hair length for maximum suction by your Bathmate hydropump. The perfect ..


Bath Salt Flirty Aroma

Awaken the senses with DONA Bath Salts. These fragrant crystals release soothing aromas and illuminate your bath with gorgeous colors to relax and soak away str..


Massage Lotion Naughty Aroma

Seduce the senses with DONA Scented Massage Lotion. Our silky blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones and supple aromas will leave skin beautifully scented and i..


Dona Be Romanced Gift Set Sassy

Product Description Dona Be Romanced Gift Set Sassy. Set the stage for romance. Unveil your inner beauty and set the stage for an evening of sensual surp..


Extra Safe 12 Pack

Product DescriptionExtra safe: thicker condoms with extra lubricantNon-spermicidally lubricatedKitemarkedCE marked..


Taste 12 Pack

Product DescriptionA mix of colourful flavours and fragrances: Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry, and MintNon-spermicidally lubricatedKitemarkedCE marked..


Infinity 12 Pack

Product DescriptionCondoms with delay effect lubricantNon-spermicidally lubricatedKitemarked. CE Marked..


Climax 12 Pack

Product DescriptionA mixed pack of Warming and Cooling condoms for a great sensationNon-spermicidally lubricatedKitemarked. CE marked..


King Size 12 Pack

Product DescriptionWider and longer for ultimate comfortNon-spermicidally lubricated.Kitemarked. CE marked...


Pasante Passion 12 pack

Product DescriptionRibbed for greater sensation.Kitemarked. CE Marked..


Intensity 12 Pack

Product DescriptionA combined ribbed and dotted condom for maximum sensationNon-spermicidally lubricatedKitemarked. CE Marked..


Silicone Blue Color Vibrating Cock Ring

Description:Silicone Blue Color Vibrating Cock Ring Color: BlueRing size: StretchableRing style: Single RingStimulator: ClitoralMaterial: SiliconeControlle..


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4 Play Couples Kit Kinx

Product Description 4 Play Couples Kit. The 4 Play Mini Couples Kit has a chrome finish, multi-speed vibe which really delivers a powerful select..

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China Brush

China Brush is a blend of Chinese herbs that helps men avoid premature ejaculation, really works, ..


Pasante Ribbed 12 Pack

Product Code R1480 Product Description Designed to create additional stimulation and sensation. Ribbed condom non spermicidally lubricated 52mm w..


Pasante Xtra Sensitive 12 Pack

Product Code R1710 Product Description Sensitive condom is 25% thinner than a standard latex condom and provides exceptionally sensitive experien..


Pasante Delay 12 Pack

Product Code R1207 Product Description For longer lasting pleasure. Teat-ended, regular fit condoms with special lubricant that may help delay ma..


Inverma Largo Development Cream 40ml

Product Description A proven and tested penis extending cream ,  Feel the new power , bigger and better erection, you will definetly see a differen..



NEVER BE WITHOUT THIS MEGA BOX OF 144 condom'S.Quality Pasante condoms available in Bulk packaging. Non-spermicidally lubricated. CE Marked a newer wider c..


Feel 12 Pack

Product DescriptionExtra sensitive condoms for a better feelNon-spermidically lubricatedKitemarked..


Super Silk Water based Lubricant 250ml

Super Slik is a water-based, nonstaining lubricant. It will not harm condoms and comes in a very handy pump dispenser. Quite simply the best value lubrican..