Glass Decorative Swirl Dildo

A very decorative swirling beautifully hand crafted crystal glass dildo stunning twisting colours throughout perfect for both sexes be it anal or vaginal dip in..


Double Ended Swirl Glass Dildo

An amazing swirl detail throughout this hand crafted glass dildo with both ends designed to be put to use for anal and vaginal sex as the swirl teases the inner..


Spiral Staircase Full Tip Glass Dildo

A truly well made and beautiful hand blown glass dildo this dildo had red dots throughout the dildo and has red and blue teasing nodules.You can also experiment..


G Spot Glass Dildo With Handle

Stunning clear crystal glass with deep swirl to tease the vagina or anal passage be it for male or female beautifully handcrafted with a perfect sized handle fo..


Pink Flower Thread Crystal Butt Plug

Very feminine crystal glass butt plug dildo with a beautiful cut flower at the base to decorate the bum perfect for both females and sissy males why not even us..


Performance 5 Inch Realistic Packer Flesh

Performance 5 Inch Realistic Packer Flesh soft and comfortable and so realistic in look and feel with its all new fanta flesh material and at only 5 inches its ..


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Crystal Cut Angled Plug Emerald Green

A beautifully cut crystal glass is 100% hygienically superior lass annealed for safety in a beautiful emerald green to create that warm relaxing feeling. The ma..

25.95€ 16.95€

Pink Glass Butt Plug

This butt plug is made from glass so why don't you heat it or cool it for different sensations. It is textured throughout for extra stimulation. It has an over..


Golden Dragon Curved Glass Vibrator

This is truly a beautifully hand made and curved glass dildo vibrator with a very artfully infill into the glass and a real look penis gland look and a clit sim..


Glass Bead Dildo

This is a beautifully hand blown glass dildo. It has beads that will give you orgasmic pleasure, before you climax you should pull out the beads to heighten you..


Blue Ripple Glass Dildo

Blue ripple glass dildo A beautiful slightly curved glass dildo with a blue ripple effect to tease your entry dip in warm water for sensual feeling dip in cold ..


Black Fat Glass Anal Plug

If you are not new to anal play and want to try something fatter why don't you take a look at this. It is very fat in the middle and has a flared base so it won..


Black Glass Anal Plug

Incredibly smooth and fulfilling anal stimulation you say? It's all yours with this beautiful hand blown glass butt plug. Delicate amethyst swirls and a tapered..


Black Glass Butt Plug

If would like to enhance stimulation and try out playing with hot and cold to play with sensation, why don’t you take a look at this beautifully made glass butt..


Glass Blue Dot Dildos

This is a beautifully hand blown glass dildo. It has a finger ring so you can pull out to heighten your orgasm, This dildo has a soother holder look and has blu..


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Glass Dots Ripples Beads Dildo

This is a beautifully hand blown glass dildo.This dildo has teasing ripples and the beads. To heighten your orgasm why don't you pull the dildo out as it will c..

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