Crochet-Net Bodystocking White

A beautiful daring and teasing see through two piece top and mini in a virgin white dare you wear it watch his eyes water and his mouth drool and an erection st..


Corset Front Lace Mini Dress

This is the wow factor elegant teasing seduction  dare you wear it watch his eyes pop out and his mouth drool when he sees the most amazing female standing..


Obsessive Etheria Gloves

A great look is so important we all know that but don’t forget about a touch  of class as well put these delicate smooth gloves on your hands and gift him ..


Datex Pvc Skirt With Cut-Out Rear

A very daring teasing and so sexy knee lenght skirt with a wow factor cut-out rear for spanking or just for exposure for the teasing vixen comes with a very com..


Le Frvole Service Girl Ccostume 4 Pieces Set

Seductive and so daringly a teasing seducing the art and arousing passion the wearer also feels erotic and seductive as she wears it high and short for a teasin..


Professional Dance Pole Purple

Create your very own lap and pole dance in the privacy of your own home with you the star dancer or your partner so easy and quick assembly as easy as steps 1-2..


Sleeveless Dress Bodystocking Black

A beautiful stunning revealing and teasing sleeveless dress bodystocking one size to fit all thong is not included this is a very daring outfit designed to plea..


Passion Bodystocking Teasing Dress

A beautiful,stunning and incredible new style sexy bodystocking dress be it for a night out clubbing or bedroom home fun  with it amazing arm and sides fis..


Obsessive Student 4 Piece Costume

Perfectly made details in this student costume a very tempting teasing outfit in this naughty student outfit with its white very short boob like top with a red ..


Passion Bodystocking Dress

Italian lingerie at its best a quality garment for a teasing tense night for your partner can he she keep their eyes and hands off ? no way it has a beautiful s..


Passion Black Red Or White Bodystocking Dress

Another amazing clubwear bedroom fun outfit to tease the man into wanting then decide weather to give or not open sides to tease no panties or wear a c string l..


Passion Black Clubwear Bodystocking Dress

very sexy and seductive side revealing body fitting clubwear or seduction dress designed to tease figure hugging and one size fits most due to the amazing stret..


Datex Front Exposure Dress

This sexy outfit contains a short dress with neck high back and open bust. This dress is made from datex.Datex is made of natural rubber and elastic knitted fab..


Datex Body With Cut-Out Breasts

This is a very sexy body suit that has cut out breast holes. This body suit hugs your curves and shows off your best features. The body suit stops at the crotch..


Datex Mini Skirt With Cut Out Rear

This mini skirt comes with a cut-out rear for spanking or just for exposure and comes with elastic waist band. Datex is made of natural rubber and elastic knitt..


Datex PVC Mini Skirt

This mini skirt comes with an elastic waist band so should fit most shapes and sizes in comfort, Datex is made of natural rubber and elastic knitted fabric insi..