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Birdlock Silicone Chastity Cage Blue

This is the original Birdlock silicone chastity cage is long-awaited new item to be released of course by the material and by its unusual design this medical gr..

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Fantasy Hardcore Silicone Cock Cage

A new style true quality great design cock cage features a sturdy stainless steel adjustable ring breathable silicone sleeve with unparalleled comfort.This high..


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Leather Wrist To Cock Chastity

Strong soft leather with lock so no getting out of this one. It is made from stainless steel.Hands by your sides or wear cock ring on its own. Best to wear this..

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45 Mm Steel Cock Chastity Cage

New Style mesh wired cock cage for the little cuckold in your life keep the husband but sex is for the bull only the bull will love and admire you for it provin..

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Leather Chastity Red With Wrist Cuffs And Lock

There will be no getting out of this bondage chastity device for your woman and no playing with others. This is a beautiful chastity device. This is one of our ..


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Cock Tubing Cover Removable Cock Cage

This removable cock cage is a real genuine professionally made cock cage with a twist off top to release the penis head only and closed it will still allow to u..

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UCB 8000 Chastity Cock Cage Device with Urethral Tube

This cock cage combines features of CB6000s with an added urinal tube  for an added torture but with an ease of comfort and just like the CB6000s it has th..


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Built In Lock Chastity Cage With Penis Plug Large

This chastity cage comes with a built in look and penis plug. It is made from 304 stainless steel. The cage length is 6 CM (2.4") with a diameter of 3.3 CM (1.3..

89.95€ 59.95€

Off Limits Locking Male Steel Chastity Belt

This sexy chastity is just the thing for your naughty boy. His cock will be entirely encased in that steel chastity tube and will be totally inaccessible to him..


Enforcer Steel Male Chastity Belt

The Enforcer is excellent for long term use by most men. It's hand made and professionally finished to ensure he has no access to his private parts. You will en..


Female Stainless Steel Bra Chastity

Your man will be screaming for getting closer to your nipples but he can’t as you are stuck in this fantasy bra. It is made from stainless steel. It has shoulde..


Chastity Belt And Chained Thigh Cuffs Set

If you want to be in complete control of your slaves and want to restrain them you should look at this set. It comprises of a chastity belt that is connected by..


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ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device

The Exobelt V1 chastity device is made from only the best materials in the world.Exobelt‘s crack team of engineers spent four years in design and testing of the..

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Pink Silicone Male Chastity Cage

New style soft yet firm silicone for the perfect squeeze and fit and comes in two sizes small for a tight fit for the smaller endowed male and tighter fit restr..