What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator

What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator

Posted By: Angels Adult Boutique Published: 01/06/2018

We as a sex shop are often asked by our customers what's is the difference between dildos and vibrators and other related questions like what  is the best to get and so on. We are going to answer this question for you once and for all so you can feel more confident in knowing what the main differences are and what might be best for you as they can come in so many  different varieties and variations sometimes making it difficult to decide 

Dildos and vibrators  have been around for a very long time and over the years they have progressively got much smarter in terms of functionality, materials they are made of, the technology found  in them,  the different sizes that are now available  in

What is a dildo ?

Basically a dildo is non vibrating most looking like a penis form a lot of the newer models even having a real penis skin like feel to suit both anal and vaginal  the anal dildos which as the name suggests is for anal play, there is also the double ended dildos designed for female to female play adding a new and exciting dimension spicing up your life be it for the bi-sexual or gay female relationship as you can have two people either end satisfying themselves at the same time, inflatable dildos are  a specialized dildos that have a pump with a tube connected to the dildo which allows you to increase and decrease the width, and sometimes even the length great for first time and even the more experienced person again some designed for both anal and vaginal play leaving you to decide on the width and height. dildos comes in so many materials silicone plastic, polished wood,  glass and even stainless steel, Although dildos cant rotate, vibrate or  give you the other sensations that the added vibration can give but they make a brilliant sex toy for your collection as there is so many ways of using them the possibilities are endless be it for the male for female , after all a real penis doesn't vibrate either , does it 

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What is a vibrator ?

Vibrators are built quiet similar to the dildos, although both still have the same purpose. Women prefer the vibrator due to the intense orgasms they can achieve with vibrator,

Just like dildos vibrators come in so many varieties, sizes, materials and variations but what really sets vibrators apart is the motor that is found within a vibrator, this motor brings pleasure to the next level this is why vibrators are the most popular sex toy out there on the market right now. and they too vary from one to two motors , some with a beautiful long thrusting motion others with speed setting rotating swirling motions, even direction changing settings and vibration intensity,

a basic  cheaper end model with a twist base to increase and decrease power in different sizes and textures ideal starter vibrator for the younger and inexperienced  person be it male or female , others with buttons or dials to also increase and change intensities and believe me some of these models will have you screaming and delivering mind blowing orgasms, the newer models incredibly powerful and only needing a charge for hours of endless fun recharging over and over again some built to last for years and lot of today's newer models even waterproof so now you can even have that fun in the shower, let the fun begin

Whilst the dildo is a great realistic fun item for penetration its hard to beat the massive range of vibrators out there , its a huge market one of the best selling items at the moment due to its endless designs shapes  and so many uses , even for basic massage , for back pain knee pains in form of wands until we realized it was just as good for penis pain and vagina pains, if you get me, need i say more as the vibrators main purpose was never intended for stimulating the clitoris but over the years it has found that the vibrator can indeed give better orgasms so it is the most common toy for this purpose used by all now ,  

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