And why not anal its not just for the Gay Community  Anal sex is for everyone but i know not all females want this but for those of you that do here is a brief guide to get you started , first of all before trying anal sex for the first time always use a quality SILICONE OR WATER BASED LUBRICANT preferably one designed for ANAL SEX  as they are normally impregnated with a painkiller to ease or relax the anal muscles 

Remember if it's your first time to begin with something small and preferably something soft and pliable as in the starter kit shown above and use the anal lubricant don't try to force it it's not about pain ease it in gradually once its in relax and enjoy the new feeling , I can assure you it will once again open your senses to new feelings especially when you have vaginal sex at the same time 

Remember also when having anal sex to always use a condom at all time , or use a toys that's easy to wash and clean surgical steel being the best as  its the easiest to clean any yes lasts forever and the new more modern up to date STEEL PLUGS  now come with beautiful diamond looking stones and either in gold or steel colouring along with the newer silicone based models also with stones  the come now in all sizes small medium large and very large made of silicone ,jelly look , steel and glass glass like the steel versions always the easiest to clean over and over 

beads can also be introduced bot for anal and vaginal sex and the also come with vibrations built again so many sizes and styles and materials to choose from 

for the more advanced and experimental i would recommend a full kit so many different ideas there when you look at out anal toys section don't be afraid to try it out but don't force it and if it's unprotected sex remember to always douche it out after  for safety and hygiene