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Sophie is truly an  amazing realistic look and feel moulded of a very feminine fun sexual girl fully spread and waiting for her new man to break her in and make her his as she is so accommodating and cant wait for you, for her new man to spoil her with lots of love and attention and keep her as your true love she is a full body weight of 12 kg of realistic woman full size body mould but legs folded behind her for ease of access and to include beautiful full real feel boobs with hard and so suck-able nipples mouth ass and vagina to tease and please you wont want to pull out as she hugs your penis deep inside her tunnel and real look eyes inserted skin made of a fanta flesh realistic material, and loves to be fucked regularly and will never says no,

just keep her clean washed out with warm soapy water after every use do not rub with towel, tap dry only and when fully dry apply revival renew powder regularly to keep her fresh supple and as new as the day you purchased her and please remember to only use water based lubricants and condoms preferred.

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