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Pau Yuen Tong Balm is an ancient oriental male delay cream intended to keep you going for longer and is said to be very effective. Takes about 15 minutes to work, Do not use too much of this delay cream until you can judge the effect. Pau Yuen Tong Balm is supplied in a very small container measuring only about one inch in diameter and about a quarter of an inch in depth

FINAL FACTS: Pau Yuen Tong Balm has been provided by Puppyh Worldwide Marketing since 1994, and is one of the best external products for men looking to extend their lovemaking for hours on the market. By retarding the shortcomings of men, it  guarantees  more powerful and rapid orgasms from your partner all night long.

DIRECTIONS: Simply apply a small amount of balm 45 minutes before intercourse  onto the head of your penis, and the back of the head of the penis, and  experience  satisfying sex for hours.  After intercourse, simply rinse off with soap and warm water. A little of this delay balm goes a long way – this pack should last you at least 6 months, so you can enjoy amazing sensations and explosive climax at a pace that suits you!

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