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The Love Rider Sex Machine is extremely quiet; it is the most amazing and most comfortable ride you'll ever have as you can be the one to control the trusting speed with mechanical-motion the swinging hidden arms are set in a pendulum like motion by just gently flexing your legs with very little leg power ever needed as it almost propels itself without any electric electrical assistance help due to its own mechanical motion connecting arms perfect for alone or couples play and daring teasing fetish bondage play leading to an epic multi orgasm, an easy friction connection knob allows you to choose a variety of different styles and attachments this love rider sex machine already comes with two popular attachments to get you started giving you a variety of pleasures the pendulum action thrusting dildo enables a mind blowing pleasurable experience with its deep thrusting within and it comes fully assembled and ready to go out of the box this is a highly recommended product great value and made to last.

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