Waterglide 300 ML Anal

A quality anal lubricant and sensation gel made for anal sex a relaxing lube with relaxing Ingredients thanks to its thick and unique gliding texture's with lig..


Waterglide 300 Ml Orgasm Gel

Waterglide 300 Ml Orgasm Gel achieve amazing orgasms with this teasing water based lubricant heightens sensation as it creates a very strong tingling sensation ..


Waterglide Massage Lubricant Aloe Vera

Waterglide 300 ml Massage Lubricant Aloe Vera perfect for an over all massage, perfect to keep the vagina moist from drying out, brill lubricant natural,and ev..


Waterglide 300ml Tingling

Waterglide 300 ml tingling lubricant it creates a very slight tingling sensation in the vaginal anal area especially the clit for perfect for both sexes as it t..


Waterglide 300ml Natural Feeling

Waterglide 300 ml natural feeling lubricant for a true natural feel whilst in deep penetration be it sexually or with your favorite sex toy making for easy inse..


Pheromen Eau De Toilette 15 ml

Send out the signals the scent to attract with this seductive eau de toilette for men with pheromones to attract making you irresistible to the opposite sex tha..


Cobeco Lubricating Cream Fists 500 ML

This is a silicone based cream which moisturizes and smoothes the skin to enhance his sensual experience.It gives more comfort during heavier sensual play activ..


Larger Penis Enlargement Cream 75 ML

As it states on the label apply to the penis and massage it in well regularly daily for a lasting effect. Yes it does work but its not over night. It can add a ..


Black Stone Spray 15 ML

This spray delays the orgasm just by spraying on the penis. Shake before spraying spray 2 to 5 times on the genitalia.A possible cloudiness of the liquid does n..


Toko Silicone Lubricant

This is the next generation premium grade of personal lubricant.Exclusively formulated to emulate an endless natural lubrication and facilitate deeper penetrati..


Silicone Glide 250ml Perfect Glide Lubricant

Silicone lubricant for ultra-long moisture ideal for anal sex or even long time vaginal sex lasts longer then a water based lubricant but be careful not to be u..


Waterglide 300 Ml Fresh Watermelon Lubricant

A scented Lubricant and refreshing sensation gel for long lasting fresh feel and smell for a very sexual fresh experience perfect for use for both sexes vaginal..


Inlube Pause Delay Gel

Prolong pleasure and delay gel for men forget about worrying for finishing too soon with Pause you decide how long you want to last. Pause is a water based dela..


Inlube Silicone Based Lubricant

Best grade quality silicone based gel that provides you with a long lasting velvet sensation on your skin that will slide even under water its exclusive formula..


Inlube Intense Fire Gel

Both for him and for her, just a few drops of THOR on the erogenous zones are enough to start a cool-warming effect that will end up in the most intense heat. T..


Waterglide 300 Ml Nourishing Lubricant

A very light refreshing lubricant with a built in aloe-vera with its amazing cooling and healing powers perfect for all skin types and all sexes be it anal or v..