Wicked Hybrid Lubricant 240ml

Wicked Hybrid Lubricant 240mlSuper sexy silky water based /silicone lubricant that's easy to clean as well as toy and latex friendly blended in harmony with a r..


Rose Revitalise Massage Kit Pink

Rose Revitalise Massage Kit PinkRevitalize massage was designed to relax and distress every part of the body it was made specifically to pinpoint areas that hol..


Toko Silicone Lubricant

Toko Silicone LubricantThis is the next generation premium grade of personal lubricant.Exclusively formulated to emulate an endless natural lubrication and faci..


Silicone Glide 250ml Perfect Glide Lubricant

Silicone Glide 250ml Perfect Glide LubricantSilicone lubricant for ultra-long moisture ideal for anal sex but be careful not to be used with many sex toys desig..


Larger Penis Enlargement Cream 75ml

Larger Penis Enlargement Cream 75mlAs it states on the label apply to the penis and massage it in well regulary can add a whole new dimension to the penis makin..


Cobeco Lubricating Cream Fists 500ml

Cobeco Lubricating Cream Fists 500mlCBL Lubricating Cream Fists is a silicone based cream which moisturizes and smoothes the skin to enhance his sensual experie..


Minx Embrace Tightening Gel White 50ml

Embrace vaginal tightening gel increases sexual pleasure and confidence by tightening the vaginal wall and maximising stimulation and excitement. This gel works..


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Waterglide Massage Lubricant Aloe Vera

Waterglide Massage Lubricant Aloe VeraVery good skin compatibility. Matches the vaginal PH-level...

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Waterglide 300ml Tingling

Waterglide 300ml TinglingLubricant and sensation gel for magical moments together. causes a tingling sensation  ..

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Waterglide 300 Ml Orgasm Gel

Waterglide 300 Ml Orgasm Gel achieve amazing orgasms with this teasing gel  heightens sensation..

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WATERGLIDE 300 ML ANALLubricant and sensation gel made for anal sex a relaxing lube with relaxing ingrediants thanks to its thick and unique gliding textur..

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Waterglide 300ml Natural Intimate Gel

Waterglide 300ml Natural Intimate GelOil and fat free water-based medical lubricant. Well tolerated by skin and mucosa. Suitable for the use with condoms.Can be..

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Waterglide 300ml Cooling

Waterglide 300ml CoolingLubricant and sensation gel for a more intensive feel and sensuality...

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Waterglide 300ml Natural Feeling

Waterglide 300ml Natural Feeling A very natural feel soft silky feel lubricant to moisten the vagina for ease of entryLubricant and sensation gel for a sil..

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