Cuckold Chastity

Cuckold Chastity

Posted By: mike Published: 11/08/2018

Cuckolding in Ireland is on the up and up as Ireland's leading  Importer / supplier of Cock Cages / Chastity we see it first hand  with people's enquiry's and sales at angelsxxx

What is Cuckolding

To get straight to the point its where the man's wife takes  on or is taken by another man as his lover or sometimes even more  to become his Hotwife and the husband is forced to accept and strangely enough they  all end up accepting in fear losing their wife or favour , the Hotwifes new man known as the Bull and be warned sometimes these bulls breed hence  the title Bull, normally when it gets to this stage of the relationship they bull normally forces the cuckolded husband into Chastity with a Cock Cage to deny the cuckold and make him earn favour of sexual promise which is normally very minimal if given at all ,resulting  the husband usually ending up loving and relying on the wife more in order to please 

I could go on more and more about this topic but if wish to find out more about the subject why not drop into Angels Adult Boutique In Limerick, Ireland and we can better explain the advantages for all  and view the large selection of Cock Cages on offer ,

Power and control is the key to success in cuckolding 



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