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Designed with comfort in mind and ideal for those wanting to wear their chastity devices for long periods of time, the CB-6000 is a discreet chastity cage that assures maximum security for keyholders. The best solution for chastity play.

The CB6000 difference

- Three interlocking pieces that fit together as one complete device.

- Two guide pins hold the top pieces together with a locking pin connecting the cage to the ring.

- The hinge has been removed for added comfort.

- Improved locking mechanism.

- Completely redesigned cage for long term comfort and fit.

- Vented slots and bottom opening allows use at urinals.

Sizing: The rings come in 5 sizes: 1.5", 1 5/8", 1.75", 1 7/8" and 2" diameters. The cage length is 3.75" with an inside diameter of 1 3/8".

Package Contents:

1 Cage Portion

5 Rings of Different Sizes

4 Locking Pins

4 Spacers

1 Brass Padlock with 2 Keys

5 Individually numbered plastic locks

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