Black Friday / Angelsxxx

Posted By: mike Published: 18/11/2018

It's That time of year again 

The Big Black Friday Sale , The retailers biggest clearout of the year 

The big black friday sale , but beware not all are genuine , i have noticed some scrupules retailers try and take advantage of the big sale but put their prices up before decreasing  that's not fair and people are not stupid ,

most people looking for that special item they seek to purchase and plan on making that purchase on the so called big black friday giveaway , most will always shop around first see prices of products of interest and then hopefully on the day of the bigl black friday sale they expect to find that same product heavily  discounted reduced , but some end up very disappointed and upset to find  as i said price had  put up then show the discount , in a nutshell a false black friday sale and a very unhappy customer , but that upset customer will never forget this and this retailer has now lost a possible very good customer forever , 

At angelsxxx we have a policy of Real Deals Real Prices  after-all our loyal customers come to us for a product at a fair price and we intent to reward this by giving back to that customer a fair deal for that special time of the year , yes we do use it to get rid of products we no longer plan on stocking , No their not faulty and No their not rubbish but time and technology has moved on and we too need to move on with our products so its out with the old and in with the new , and yes you will still see quite a lot of the old products still on our web store and in store at Angels Adult Boutique and reason for the is the following 

( 1 ) the quality of the item ,

( 2 ) value for money

( 3 ) reliability of the product 

after-all isn't that why the Americans invented black friday for to get rid of past stock to bring in the new 

At ANGELSXXX we all year round have a MEGA DEALS section, and reason we do this is as Ireland's only importer of Adult Products  we end up with very large quantities but because of large quantities we get very special prices  and for that reason a lot of our products can be heavily discounted hence the MEGA DEALS SECTION , where you will find near all sold at wholesale prices direct , we have the all year round deals in Lingerie buy two get 20% of one item , same with our all year round SEX TOY DEALS where when you buy two items you also get 20% off one item hence our motto of real deals real prices ,

But now on top of all that we have gone another step further by keeping those offers but have now added a further 10% discount * added automatically to your checkout cart not only on the MEGA DEALS or the deals of buy too but it's now added to all products on our site and no increasing here to discount, 

family and friends tell me im giving it away with all the offer , No im not i say im adding new friends and customers to the store , remember i said people always remember , well i need and want to be remembered as my customers are my business without my customers im nothing 

Happy Black Friday Hunting 

Go forth and grab a bargain

*Please note the extra 10% discount will only apply in checkout once your order is €35.00 and over.